About Matthew J. Hanson

Matthew J. Hanson, was born in Minnesota, where he lived until the ripe old age of nineteen, at which point he decided to go to Beloit College in Beloit Wisconsin. After earning is Bachelors Degree from Beloit, he decided to pick up everything and move to Alaska. Sick of the long winter nights, he has recently returned to Minnesota, where he plans to stay for at least a few months.

Matthew intends to be a professional writer, and also works as a d20 designer, and in hisspare time he designs merchandise for the popular website www.matthewjhanson.com.

If you want to learn more about Matthew than his helpful website provides you, you can also read his LiveJournal, or check out his Friendster page. (Or you can even read his LiveJournal through his Friendster page. Whoa.)

Email Matthew at matthew@matthewjhanson.com